Re: 1996 cat 550 no spark question

Could be a number of things really Brian...

One possibility may be a bad coil on the stator...... there are two coils
usually... one for lighting and the other is the "primary" coil for
ignition... if the primary coil is bad then the sled will never fire up....

With that being said you should also make sure your CDI and ignition coil is

A service manual may be what you should start with so you know just
where things should be at when you test them......

This one for auction is for a 440 but if you keep checking or check with
your Cat dealer they may have one you could buy or borrow...... maybe
someone has one they could photo copy a few pages for you......
I picked one up for my sons 93 EXT 550 and it has really helped me out of a
few jams...... I JUST ordered a 2003 service manual/CD for our two 2003
sleds........ NEVER too much info.....

I hope this helps.

Jeff B In Maine


"Brian" <talkfat44@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a 1996 ac cougar 550 with a no spark of course when getting
> ready for snow it was running fine.
> now that there is snow it wont run any sugestions as to what it could be?
> Thanks in advance
> Brian