Re: This is disturbing...

On 06/12/2011 02:27, Matua wrote:
"Calvin"<calvin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Presumably their products are somewhat bitter with a suggestion of bile
and leave the consumer somewhat the worse for wear the next morning.


Give it a rest testicle, it's been done a thousand times.

Because your material is all so new and fresh eh matty. Now I KNOW I've said that before...

Anyone with a name that represents mens undies is highly sus eh Calvin?

Only if his dad named him after his favourite pair, maybe that explains your chosen name.

Now you'll be getting an email from CockO and Mikey.
They'll want you to send them each a pair of your soiled undies.
You filthy pack of arse hitters.

Projecting again, if you promise to stay quiet I'll send you another pair of mine, if you're very good I'll run a few miles in them first and seal them in a zip lock bag for extra 'freshness'.