Re: Last Sunday's Open Water Race in Sausalito, California - The Long Course

On Apr 14, 7:01 pm, freeheelfunhog <torsten_hey...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
All except for one person used a Maas 24 while one person used an Aero
(not counting non-traditional boats who started separately).

Re/"normal" rowing conditions under the Golden Gate, I was hoping that
someone with more experience would answer your question. I am probably
full of shitake mushrooms about my estimation of the peak-to-trough
difference, however the swell *was* considerably bigger than I had
ever encountered there before. However, since I'm only there to race
and usually not more than once a year, I'm not sure what "normal" is.

I can tell you that while that swell was daunting, it was by no means
the worst conditions I have rowed there. Much worse was in 2007 with
the washing machine agitator in full effect. I don't if this was due
to the strength of tide but the water was seething and aerated and not
very buoyant. The Maas double I was in "sunk" to the gunnels; we were
essentially even with the water (and the cockpit area was full of
water). My partners shirt floated under my seat and jammed in the
tracks, right under the GC bridge. Another double flipped here that
year. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Anyway, I personally find the Maas 24 to be an incredibly stable and
well-built boat, whereas I find the Aero to be not a whole lot more
stable and I find the rigger arrangement to be less than desirable (I
believe it's some fiberglass/carbon arrangement). Our club has several
Maas 24s and Aeros and the latter just don't hold up as well.

We have had a lot of Wintech/Wudi boats, but not the Explorer 24. It
looks nice on paper. The Wintechs seem to be getting better, worth a


On Apr 12, 6:11 am, Kit <davies....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Apr 11, 5:26 pm, "Charles Carroll" <charles_carr...@xxxxxxxxxxx>

There is a extra 'b' at the end of the url you pasted. Try this:


Of course! I should have realized!

I have a new desk, which has raised my laptop's keyboard an inch or
two higher. As a result I frequently add an extra 'b' as I use the
Trackpoint. Usually my spell checker catches this. Arrrrrgh!

Did you read Torsten's piece? Pretty nice, eh?



Very good!

It's interesting to read that competitors coped with that amount of
swell. The writer claims "8ft" though also says this was just
hyperbole. I would guess 5-6ft is normal? So are they using Mass 24s
or Aeros? The reason I ask is that I am facing a move to an area with
coastal access but no rowing. Shipping a Maas to the UK would be
prohibitively expensive, but Wintech Explorer 24s (which are of
similar dimensions to Maas 24s) are around and I am hoping one might
do the job.


Thanks, Torsten. That's valuable input. I may see if I can trial the
Wintech. As it is, I wouldn't think it would need to handle any more
swell than what you mention anyway, so I suspect it will be fine.


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