Re: Eight goes over in Cincinnati Ohio

On 09/04/2011 15:43, Greg Doyle wrote:
On Apr 6, 7:37 pm, Carl Douglas<c...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry to sound a bit acid, but rowing
has for too long ducked its simple responsibilities for non-intrusive
safety. Get it clear:
1. The cost of a sound DIY conversion of an eight to full buoyancy is
less than most rowers spend in a few months on their cell-phone.
2. That conversion will make the boat more competitive - it will become
stiffer (which many think matters)& any water is takes on will not rush
up& down the boat taxing the work done by the crew

1. Cost is not an issue in the USA. Attention to safety and
maintenance is. You simply have NO IDEA how different the rowing
culture is over here. Within two years of purchase, if a boat has all
hardware tightened, that's amazing. If it's actually rigged properly
in 50% of the seats, that's unbelievable. If it's ready for confident
competition, that's a guaranteed medal.

2. Unless it includes duct tape, you can pretty much rule out the
competency of most clubs to achieve such conversions. I believe if you
spent six months here in the USA visiting programs and observing their
maintenance practices, you would leave the sport forever....utterly
depressed that such a reality could exist anywhere on the planet.

I don't disagree with you on the importance of buoyancy and the
irresponsibility of NGBs in addressing it....but you need to cut bait
on the conversion avenue.

Buoyancy bags are the talent limit of programs in the USA. Buy.
Inflate (plentiful commodity...). Inspect at regattas and during
insurance reviews. The ROI on that is far greater and far quicker than
anything related to epoxy.

Thanks, Greg.

Believe me when I say that "use & abuse" is also rather familiar conduct on this side of the pond - damage the boat but stick it back on the rack & say nowt.

We can either accept that nothing can be done - in which case you could perhaps argue that the resulting scope for extermination of the idiot tendency is a form of pest control - or we just keep on pressing for better education & more intelligent action.

The mental sogginess now afflicting seemingly intelligent folk was perfectly summed up for me by a school governor defending a supposed right for pupils to take mobile phones into class. The little sods were being highly disruptive, playing with these gizmos, taking & making calls & filming their teacher _during_ lessons. He tried to argue that some kids were also the prime carers for sick or disabled parents, apparently unaware that in an emergency a parent might do better to call emergency services, or the school itself.

Similarly, it is apparently not the done thing to discipline those who damage club equipment.....

but we must persevere


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