Re: Dana Quigley Video

On 17 Dec 2005 11:13:36 -0800, curtjester@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>The Hammer wrote:
>> Here is the link. It has been shown before here. Everytime I see it, I am
>> amazed at the power he generates, with so little apparent effort. .
>> Pay close attention to the way he straightens and re-flexes his back leg.
>> Really helps him generate a lot of coil and get a good inside-out swing
>> path. Seems to me this move is apparent in the videos of every good golfer,
>> with him it is really dramatic
>> Enjoy. I think there is a lot to be learned in watching this guys swing.
>> The Hammer
>I liked the aspect that he doesn't seem to go back any farther to keep
>his hands in the middle and control of the swing. His flat plane is
>easy to follow and easy for him to manuever so when he gets into his
>power zone, he keeps it going to the finish. Might be 'prettier'
>swings, but this one seems very effective and repeatable and one where
>the wheels won't fall off.

The swing is short but there is some serious lower body action going on--a big
lateral move. Lot's of opportunity for mere mortal golfers to screw it up.

Dave Clary/Corpus Christi, Tx