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>> >> >>>>
>> >> >>>> ALL the democrat Senators voted to acquit, even those who expressed
>> >> >>>> shock and outrage when the allegations came out that Clinton had
>> >> >>>> screwed an intern-- Several like Leiberwitz swore "if that's true, he
>> >> >>>> is GONE!" Well, it was true, but they still voted to acquit--because
>> >> >>>> they voted for their own party's welfare, just held their nose and
>> >> >>>> voted for their selfish reasons. In contrast, Republicans voted to
>> >> >>>> impeach Nixon. The difference is called INTEGRITY. And that pretty
>> >> >>>> much sums up the difference between the two parties to this day.
>> >> >>>>
>> >> >>>> Just look at New Orleans and Louisana-- incompetent Democrats screwed
>> >> >>>> it up-- and now trying desperately to blame Bush. Not working. The
>> >> >>>> public is smarter than that.
>> >> >>>>
>> >> >>>> Larry
>> >> >>>
>> >> >>>You equate lying about a blowjob and lying about
>> >> >>>weapons of mass destruction and an illegal war in
>> >> >>>Iraq which has caused the death of nearly 2000
>> >> >>>Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis, and
>> >> >>>still counting.
>> >> >>>
>> >> >>>You and your like are worthless trash who are
>> >> >>>besmirching the reputation and honour of a great
>> >> >>>nation. Wake up, America.
>> >> >>>
>> >> >>>Alan
>> >> >
>> >> >>>
>> >> >From Zogby
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >"Bush Job Approval Hits 41%-All Time Low; Would Lose to Every Modern
>> >> >President; Public
>> >> >Rates All Levels of Government Poorly in Katrina Handling; Red Cross
>> >> >Rated Higher Than
>> >> >Federal Government, 69%-17% -New Zogby America Poll
>> >> >
>> >> >President Bush's job approval rating took a hit in the wake of
>> >> >Hurricane Katrina,
>> >> >dropping to a historic low of 41%, a new Zogby America poll reveals.
>> >> >The same survey
>> >> >found the nation's forty-third president would lose election contests
>> >> >against all of
>> >> >his predecessors since Jimmy Carter.
>> >> >
>> >> >The Zogby America survey of 1157 likely voters, conducted from
>> >> >September 6 through 7,
>> >> >2005, has a margin of error of +/-2.9 percentage points."
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >Meaning? If Bush were to run today against Elmer Fudd he'd lose...
>> >> >and we'd be better off.
>> >>
>> >> Not quite. Bush could care less about his approval rating because he
>> >> is not going to run for anything again. Accordingly he is quite
>> >> knowingly and purposefully taking on the hard tasks-- the stuff that
>> >> is thankless but must be done. He and Karl Rove knew his popularity
>> >> would drop if he tackled the hard stuff. But he is doing the stuff
>> >> that Clinton should have done but was reluctant to "spend the
>> >> political capital" to tackle. Bush announced when he won that he was
>> >> now going to spend that capital-- in order to fix things. Radical
>> >> Islam terrorism, Social Security, Medicare, etc. etc. etc.
>> >>
>> >> Can you find a personal reason for his tackling the hard stuff? He
>> >> could be just riding around on AF1 and enjoying life-- pretty much
>> >> what Clinton did for the last 2 years of his term. Why did he invade
>> >> Iraq? He knew that was going to be a long and nasty fight-- but he
>> >> also knew the good of the world was at stake-- to settle the Middle
>> >> East questions-- and hold off more US mainland attacks by diverting
>> >> their attention 10,000 miles away. Why try to fix Social Security?
>> >> Will he personally gain anything when private accounts are added? How
>> >> about Medicare? What does a multi-millionaire care about that--except
>> >> that he is trying to help you-and those who use that service. There
>> >> is simply no way to explain what Bush is doing except that he is doing
>> >> his job--altruistically. He is trying to help you-- and you hate him
>> >> for it.
>> >>
>> >> Larry
>> >
>> >Oh please! Do you actually believe that crap you just spewed?
>> >
>> >If so, the kool aid must be very good. This president is no more an
>> >altruist than most other politicians.
>> The man is worth $50 MILLION personally. He did NOT need the
>> job--unlike Clinton and Gore. He could be retired and riding around
>> the world in his own Gulfstream jet. He will NOT profit from the
>> job-- there is no more transparent fishbowl than any republican high
>> office holder. He will be watched for the rest of his life just in
>> case he made a dime from a decision he made while President. Every
>> Republican goes into office knowing that. There can be no personal
>> motive for any of his decisions. Ridiculous to suggest that.
>> >
>Because a group of wealthy Texans decided they could run him for
>President and he would then safeguard their interests. But first they
>had to make this nobody, who had not held a meaningful job in his life,
>wealthy. Sp they set him up in the oil exploration comapnies that he ran
>into the ground, but walked away from with a fat wallet, and voila!
>Seven years after oblivion in total obscurity, he's Governor of Texas,
>aided and abetted by a typical Carl Rove misinformation campaign of
>innuendo about homosexuality in Ann Richards' administration. In the
>interim his brilliant business mind had sold Sammy Sosa to the Cubs for
>a song.
>> >But let's start with a few things:
>> >Fix Medicare? - talking about a drug benefit that benefits the drug
>> >companies far more than the elderly.
>> So what is his motive? How does he profit from that? Drug companies
>> are simply large corporations. If you own any mutual funds, you own
>> drug companies--if they profit and grow, their products benefit all of
>> mankind. Their boards are some of the best and brightest in America,
>> men with integrity and honesty.
>> >
>> >Social Security fix? - Yep, it does have problems. So just how does
>> >that private account help? Answer, from all sides of the aisle, it
>> >doesn't. That and other reasons are why the reform isn't getting any
>> >traction.
>> Wrong again. The president's experts (and pardon me while I grant
>> that rooms full of PhDs with lifetime expertise in the subject are
>> smarter than you) say it must be fixed or it will go bust in 20 years
>> or less-- and Bush knows that very likely NO future administration
>> will have the guts to tackle that-- so a brave man did.
>Larry, you can find PhDs to fit any opinion you want, probably even
>yours. If these guys are so bright, the economy wouldn't be in the tank.
>> >
>> >Iraq? - we had Hussein contained and he presented exactly zero or
>> >nearly zero danger to us. And you think the war over there is going to
>> >'fix' the middle east? They have hated the western world for centuries,
>> >hate us now, and will hate us when we leave. And if the current
>> >proposed constitution becomes the law of the land, we just created
>> >another Theocracy like Iran.
>> Very simple answer-- what if we had NOT taken Saddam out? How would
>> the world appear from here? I think very scary! We would be
>> cringing now--waiting for the next attack from Radical Islam. We
>> would be wondering when they would smuggle in a nuke or chemical or
>> biological WMD-- or just use more airliners to take out the Golden
>> Gate bridge, all the Navy installations in San Diego, etc. etc.
>> NOBODY doubts that the same folks who did 9/11 are still coming and
>> they will not stop-- the only reason we haven't been hit here again is
>> because they cannot allow Iraq to become a democracy--and Bush knew
>> that urgent problem would divert them for a while. On his watch there
>> is not going to be another 9/11. If you were him-- how about on your
>> watch?
>Then why didn't Daddy Bush take him out in 1991? He left this brute in
>power, because it suited our interests. So all of a sudden in 2003 it
>becomes critical to invade Iraq to do what could have been done easily
>ten years before.
>> >
>> >So he's spending that 'political capital' on exactly what that you
>> >expect to see accomplished? And BTW, with the ratings he has right now
>> >that are lower than Nixon's during Watergate, just how much 'political
>> >capital' do you think he has left?
>> >
>> >You need to turn off talk radio, watch more than Fox news and read less
>> >of World Net Daily.
>> You need to look at the big picture-- and see that the liberal press
>> and CNN, etc. have as their primary motive getting the power back for
>> Democrats. They need to remove GW Bush in order to do that. It is
>> about power-- getting control again. Control, the presidency and the
>> majority in the House and Senate means personal money for Democrats,
>> the right to sell jobs, the right of trial lawyers to sue and sue and
>> sue, the right to hold America hostage for the trade unions, etc. etc.
>> There is immense money at stake and GW Bush is in their way. That's
>> all there is to it, crooks and scumbags want to get their snout back
>> in the trough.
>Like we don't HAVE crooks and scumbags with their noses in the trough
>already? Open your eyes, man.
>> And those traitors would sell their country down the tubes in order to
>> get power back. Heretofore politics stopped "at the water's edge," no
>> politician of either party said things that indicated a split in the
>> resolve of the US Government as regards foreign policy. But now
>> Pelosi, etc. gleefully undermine the president--undermine the morale
>> of our troops under fire.. shameless.
>They undermine a bumbling idiot who is doing more irreparable damage to
>this country, inside and out, than any President in living memory. More
>power to her.
>> Luckily, the American electorate is wise now, knowledgeable and
>> informed by Conservative TV and Radio, etc and that will only become
>> more so. The liberals with their media cannot fool enough
>> people--like they did during Vietnam. Consequently Republicans will
>> remain in power for generations-- because people correctly perceive
>> that democrats are irresponsible--and not capable of running the
>> government. Bush will appoint 4 Supreme Court justices--and that
>> court will remain solidly conservative for 30 years!
>Wise?!! Brainwashed by homophobia, intelligent design, and all the other
>pseudo religious evangelical garbage, not to mention GoP partisan
>redistricting to protect their representatives. Right now the rest of
>the western world is laughing at us, for "electing" a President who is
>incapable of thought, unable to act without direct instructions, and
>cannot put a coherent sentence together. There is a backlash on the way,
>so keep your head down.
>> Wise up, you're swimming upsteam, against the tide. 55 MILLION of us
>> supported GW Bush and the various republicans running for House and
>> Senate. Look at the map, only the nut fringes are blue--and they are
>> shrinking.
>Well, Columbus, Ohio is part of the "nut fringes"? Can't come any
>solidly more mainstream midwestern than that, and it was blue.
>William Clark

Whew! Delusional and just silly stuff, not worth arguing.

You are going to be very very miserable in the next few years. I feel
sorry for you. Suggest you just quit reading the newspapers and
watching TV (or maybe just watch CNN until they are buried by FNC).
Good luck! And watch that blood pressure!


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