I got the code to save 10% - $10k/$250k payouts weekly/grand prize

They pay out $10,000 EVERY WEEK!
Plus $250,000 Grand Prize (also payouts for top 20 )
Terry Bradshaw is involved with this too.

Here is how it works

1. No time-consuming draft
2. Pick your lineup minutes before each game, or do it all in advance
3. Start each player only twice, so choose wisely!
4. Use their intuitive stat tracking to plan your winning lineup.
5. Real-time stat updates and team scoring

I am looking for owners to join me in this league!
We can form our own mini leagues inside, and still can win.
It also has private trash talking boards for your mini league if you
form one.
but you do not have to do that to play. You can just join by

Weekly winners $10,000
Season Grand Prize $250,000 (Top 20 spots payout)

if you refer 5 teams you can get another one free!

only $69.95 for season (17 weeks),
a little over $4 a week,
not bad for a chance at $10,000 a week or $250,000

Let me know, check it out at visit

code is BRADSHAW

hurry before it expires

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