Save the SS UNITED STATES - - update for Enslin

Dear SS United States Conservancy Supporters:

As you know, the Conservancy launched its groundbreaking Save the
United States campaign this week. Congratulations to everyone who
already visited and purchased and
personalized their parts of America's Flagship. Please share a link
to or your piece of the ship with at least
five people so that we can keep building our community of new
supporters. Square inches are available for only $1! Use this
campaign as a fresh way to approach your family, friends and
colleagues about the plight and potential of the SS United States.
Share word of your purchase via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can
also share links to the "explore your ship" fun facts located in
various spots around the vessel.

Those of you who have not yet begun exploring the exciting new site,
the time is now!

We've received a terrific early burst of media coverage about the
campaign, and we expect more stories in the coming days and weeks.
The Associated Press produced a print article, a video piece and a
radio feature that have been picked up by hundreds of outlets
worldwide. A small sampling includes the Minneapolis's Star Tribune,
Yahoo News, MSNBC, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, CNBC.Com,
the Seattle Times, Huffington Post, US News and World Report, and the
Washington Post, among hundreds of others. (To view any of the
articles, click on the names of the media outlets above and below in

Additional media coverage has included great articles in the Wall
Street Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Marine Link, and CBS News.
Even more stories will follow.

We encourage you to visit the media outlets that are covering our
great story and be sure to click "like" or "recommend" or leave a
positive comment about the ship and the Conservancy's campaign. If
you are active on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to share stories with
links for your friends and followers.

Again, please share the URL to the new site,
with your friends, colleagues and family members. If you are not
particularly computer savvy, try to tap a child, spouse, friend, niece
or nephew, or anyone who can be enlisted to help get out the word.

If you encounter any technical issues with the new site, please don't
hesitate to provide feedback or share your concerns at

Again, we can't thank you enough for your support. With your
continued backing, the SS United States will inspire and endure for
many years to come.

Susan Gibbs,

Executive Director