Re: Cox Communications Usenet service entering 10-3-39

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They're pulling the plug on June 30, and are pushing Giganews
alternatives for extra money.

Well this sucks.
Eternal-September is free and even Hugh could set it up.
But the reliability gets worse each time another wave of new people
joins up. If a bunch of Cox users come aboard, it may finally be time
for me to pony up for

Eternal-September is faster than any other noose service I've had since
they invented the internet thingy. How many users can Cox have? 25? 30?

I'm having connection problems almost daily, especially around lunch
hour here. It's aggravating, and I know that it's them, as I'm able to
do everything else online with no problems. I keep hoping that they'll
add another server or two.

My ISP had dropped Usenet awhile back, and I initially connected through a few
public news servers. Completely appreciated the fact that it was free, but I ran
into some reliability issues that made access aggravating (connection speed,
retention, etc.)

For what it's worth I ended up with an inexpensive paid service (NewsGuy), and
with their current promotion they may be worth a peek.

In a nutshell if you get one of their 1, 3, 6 or 12 month newsgroup accounts
they'll double your access time for free.

As an example they have a Mini account that's $12 for 6-months or $19.95 for
12-months. If you buy the 6-month account during their promotion, you'll get an
additional 6-months free... if you buy a 12-month account you'll get an extra
12-months free.

This works out to about $1 month for text and binary newsgroup access, and their
accounts include NNTP & Web access, 32 connections, newsgroup search engine,
free SSL encryption, and tech support.

Just thought I'd mention, and hope the info is useful to someone.


Binary & text newsgroups - as low as $1 Month
Free Trial -