Re: Where Was The Coverage?

On Mar 6, 12:30 pm, "David Loewe, Jr." <dlo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You know, for years some deranged left wingers spewed hatred against
George W Bush and the MSM sat or their hands and the reputable left wing
blogosphere looked the other way.  Perusing the comments to the (old
news) Roger Ebert opinion piece that "sam" linked to, I found a link to
a little compilation of the left's greatest hits.  The evidence there
was so compelling that Ebert was compelled to change an accusation he
made in the opinion piece.

"Footnote 12:02 p.m. Oct. 2: I have removed the words "Were liberals
angry about Bush? Yes. But liberals played by the rules." They were
written too hastily, are alas not accurate, and have sidetracked the
discussion thread."

In fairness to the loons, most been born and raised in a bubble in
which the MSM and other sources fed them a diet of agenda-driven
unbalanced news coverage. The bubble remains. They have never moved
past the assumptions they made as the result of that nurture, and have
even indeed "moved on" (heh) to the leftist sites and blogs in an
effort to justify and reinforce their lack of substance. Loons can be
irritating, but fairness would recognize that stupidity that is
hereditary, reinforced, and celebrated will require some effort at
independent thinking. Many, it would appear, simply do not have the
tools to advance.