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A few of my favorite parts(you've got to click on the story to see the
photo though and get the essence of the story):
"Look at the photograph on the left.
This, obviously, is New England Patriots quarterbackTomBrady,
walking with impeccably sweatered girlfriend Gisele Bundchen. I do not
know where or when this picture was shot, but it was jammed into the
blogosphere sometime in December (I saw it on a site called The Big
Lead, which subsequently comparedBradyto John F. Kennedy Jr.). Much
like the cover image from "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan," the photo's
spontaneous power to stupefy springs from its unrehearsed
contradictions: The expression onBrady'sface can be simultaneously
taken as confidence, annoyance or indifference. Gisele holds his hand,
but she also clutches her bag and looks away; were this an oil
painting, her turtleneck would imply insecurity. Her hair is
responding brilliantly. I can't imagine what she's thinking, though I
assume it is something paradoxically sad. Their strides are
synchronized, but they lean in opposing directions.Bradyis dressed
casually, but his scarf is expertly tied, his shoes are unbelievably
white and, for some reason, he's casually sporting a chain. He looks
cool, and he looks famous but, more than anything else, he looks
perfect. He looks like a perfect human living a perfect life,
effortlessly incarnating the relentless perfectitude of the football
team he has led to precipice of a perfect season."
Bradyand giselle have been photographed a lot, but this might be the
best pic I've ever seen of a professional athlete in private.  The
smirking confidencebradyhas is amazing....giselle looks unbelievable
of course.  I don't think we've ever seen a point in sports where one
athlete seemingly has it all.....he's arguably the best looking player
in the nfl with a gorgeous supermodel girlfriend....and he's also the
best player in the nfl....and the most recognizable.....and leading
maybe the best team ever in a professional sports league at it's
absolute apex.
Really, it's never going to get any better for one player at any time
than it is fortombradynow.

You really do write like you're gay.


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Great article here too !