Re: Tournament Date Conflicts

Hey y'all, I just found this thread and though I'd chime in
about HoDown. I'm running the tournament this year, I'm on
the Asheville Ultimate board of directors, and I like long
walks on the beach.

The date for HoDown is COMPLETELY determined by the date(s)
Asheville Parks and Recreation give us as the fields we use
are partially owned by and always used by the local soccer
association (that's another story itself).

We purposefully requested earlier dates two or three years
ago in order to avoid Glazed Daze. We do the same every
year. We have the option of holding our tournament when we
do (which is hopefully a week or two apart from GD), or
running up against other tournaments later in the season.

Unfortunately, the dates we were given this year (not the
dates we chose) were the same as GD. We don't like it any
more than anyone else.

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