Re: AUDL Future

Yea, questions about attendance never do seem to get
answered. I read an interview with a Constitution player
that said upwards of 700 people were at home games, but when
I went to their last home game, there were maybe 300 people.
And that was on Summer League day, where there were
discounted ticket prices, a tailgate with free food and and
drinks, and a match up against their biggest rival.
Although, it's becoming pretty clear that the strategy of
"pick a batch of strong players that will double as a open
club team" is working well for Philly, they stomped the CTC
pretty good. It made for a boring game as teh CTC were down
by like 8-10 points the whole game, which was unfortunate
cause league day brought in a large number of first time
watchers who probably won't pay to go back.

I'm interested to see how empty stadiums will be as the
majority of the teams' fan bases are ultimate players and
tournaments are starting to pop up more frequently.
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