Skylight Funding Campaign

We would like to officially invite you to check out our
Indiegogo funding campaign to put the SkyLight into
production this year. After over a year of prototyping,
durability testing, and tournament showcases, we are finally
ready to bring it all together and create production model
SkyLights for the whole community to enjoy. But first, we
need your help!

Much similar to other great Ultimate endeavors (Chasing
Sarasota, Nexgen Network, and RISE UP) we have produced a
online funding campaign to give us a jumpstart on funding
and distributing our first stock of SkyLights.

We need about 50 SkyLights ordered to reach our goal of
$10,000 before August 15th. If we fall short by the
deadline, we don't receive any of the funding, so we are
trying our best to reach out to the community and teams to
let them know about our campaign and the benefits of the
SkyLight. We would like to thank each and every one of you
for any way you are able to support. Either by pledging for
a SkyLight, or sharing our campaign through social media.

Here is the link to our campaign and video! Enjoy-
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