Re: When Dobyns Wins Ultimate Peace Wins


I suppose I can't blame you for waiting for the official
announcement before paying off on your bet, but I can't say
the same for your insistence that the payment come to me.

I mean, what kind of person refuses to make a contribution
to a charitable organization that uses Ultimate and SOTG to
promote peace in lieu of making a direct payment to a person
whose spirit has been openly called into question on this
very forum? Perhaps it's just your way of sticking to the
terms of the bet. But then again...

Original language of the wager was yours:

<<I'd be willing to bet one person a $100 he doesn't get in
the usa
ultimate hall of fame before 2020.>>

I replied:

<<I'll take that bet.>>

To which you replied:

<<Cool, consider it a bet.

If neither of us has a heart attack shoveling snow by
2020....or if KD
(you?) it in before then...we'll be in touch.

And no payment in pennies. Big bill(s) only payment. $100
bets are one
of the simple pleasures in life.>>

Then, after Toad got involved, you wrote:

<<1. Mr. Dobyns gets voted into the hof by 2020 and accepts
(I lose).>>

Suddenly I didn't simply have to get in. I had to accept.
One could argue you have already changed the terms after the
fact. And since you made that change and I am letting it
slide, how about you stop nitpicking and just make the
contribution to UP?


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