so its obvious that the usau admin has no interest in acknowledging
there IS a number of their own members that are pro ref and will
largely ignore the topic whenever its presented to them or when the
are taking wants and needs assesments.

just putting this out there.......would usau members in general be
willing to sign a petition to get usau to soften there anti ref
stance, change some of their anti ref policies and encourage them to
take a more proactive role in developing a reffed version of the

the basic mission of the movement would be to just support the idea of
refs being able to be used in the sport......not at every level
(competitionwise) but more on a philisiophical level to where refs
(and a reffed version of the sport) was accepted as a viable
alternative/option to the way the sport of ultimate is managed and its
rules are enforced.

what would it take to create such a petition and is there anyone out
there that would be willing to initiate such a program. on top of
that, how would the bod likely respond to this and could it be done