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I gotta say I love the idea of this tournament and hope the
schools strongly consider it.  Every year there is
complaining about a certain region being stacked and not
having enough bids. There's usually one team that "coulda
played Sunday" if they just got out of their region.  Not
only would it be a great tournament in terms of quality
teams, it would also stand to better compare the regional
strengths.  And of course, it would be well run and every
game would have observers that run a tight ship.

If you lose your game to go, come see what all the fuss is
about.  Meet the infamous "Mike G."  Check out the UOA
observer roles.  Get a house on the beach and make a
vacation of it.
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REGION SENT THEIR 4TH, 5TH AND 6TH PLACE TEAMS.  sure the comp would
be a notch lower (depending on potential upsets and eronirous displays
of nudity ruseulting in disqualification) but maybe not by all that
much........BUT, with the superiour rule enforcement system and game
management process provided in ALL uoa comp, its would definitely be
more entertaining to watch......and probably more satisfying as a
player.  so.......

And for those that dont know the NIT tourny in clooege basketball USED
TO BE THE TOP DOG......then the ncaa tourny became the more coveted,
sought after and prioritized.  so maybe its just the case that
ultimates version of the ncaas' will have to start out by being the
proverbial "nit" tourny untill IT TO becomes more coveted and
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when are all the regional events anyways?