sideline behavior at College of Charleston tourney

This weekend at the College of Charleston tourney, there were a number
of first-time fans who were disenchanted with the game b/c of profane
and loud sideline banter, in particular at the semifinal game b/w UCF
and USC. Fortunately, these fans were not around for the USC/UNCW
final, in which the situation was more egregious. I heard about this
discontent directly, and via players after the tourney who had spoken
with their fans. Some of these fans were of course families with
children, as is the norm for college tourneys. There was also an
incident when a fan approached a player from an opposing team about
language + children, and as expected this merely escalated the

Ultimate players of course like to preach from the freedom of speech
and action pulpit, and that's fine and good, but there are
consequences. In regards to loud and continued profanity, one very
foreseeable consequence is tourneys being banned from public parks;
another is erosion of what is at this time a small fan base.

Some in the ultimate community will not be concerned with this sort of
thing. However, I call on coaches to hold themselves and their players
accountable, for the good of the sport in the community. I don't know
that any team or coach is faultless in this regard, including USC and
myself - but this sort of situation can certainly be improved without
compromising the intensity of the competition.

Jeff, USC coach