Re: On the Subject of Plonking

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Generally I (and I suspect Ron, Pat, and Lou [to name a few]) silently plonk
the trolls. This is because it will be that much longer before a new
persona is created thereby allowing me (us) some brief respite from my (our)
plonker. Occasionally I will announce the plonk or warn of an impending
plonk in the hope that the warnee will see the reasoning behind it thereby
enabling me to continue to enjoy the warnee's posts.

If warning plonks convince even one newbie to avoid the trolls than it was
worthwhile. If no one avoids the trolls I at least vented my spleen.

I had never plonked anyone in RSB until a couple of years ago.
There are lots of people in RSB that I generally agree with, and
there are many that I generally disagree with, but if I'm reading
the group regularly I tend to read pretty much posts from everyone.
Some of the most informative posts I've read have been made by
people I tend to disagree with; I learn ever new ways that people
misunderstand something, and that gives me new perspectives on how
to teach or explain. You do hear some pretty outrageous things
here. Of course, if I'm not reading RSB regularly and just skimming
from thread to thread, that's a different matter.

Then a couple of years ago when all the multiple personalities began
posting, I started plonking them. Some of them are just noise, a
few dozen posts of distraction, but some of them are rude, hurtful,
and offensive and serve no purpose at all other than being rude,
hurtful, and offensive. As far as I know, I still have only one
real person plonked even now (although a couple of them keep
insisting they are different people, you sure can't tell from the
tone of their posts). It can be difficult to tell, when a new fake
personality begins posting, it is usually benign for a few days, and
then they start praising FL for all of his world championships, and
then the real crap starts with full nuclear meltdown. Some people
here are better at tracking down IP addresses and ISPs than I am (in
fact I seldom make the effort), so it is sometimes helpful to me
before a new fake alias begins to go nuclear if someone does a
public plonk. If someone plonks someone that I don't think is a
fake alias for FL, then I will continue reading a few more of their
posts, but if I had my suspicions anyway, and if the plonker has a
good track record for identifying FL aliases, then that alias gets
plonked sooner and I don't waste as much time on him. Public
plonking serves several purposes, some for newbies and some for the
long-time posters here. If it saves me 10 or 15 minutes a day,
well, that's 10 or 15 minutes I have for doing something else.

I just checked, and I have 72 authors plonked in RSB. I think all
of these have been silent plonks, at least I don't remember doing
any public ones, but as I say above, I think I'm a little slow with
the plonk button sometimes, so a public plonk from me would be
mostly redundant. As I said above, I think all of these are for the
same person (or at least indistinguishable enough so that it doesn't
make a difference). Unlike Pat, I don't unplonk everyone on January
1 of each year and start over, I just carry on from year to year.

$.02 -Ron Shepard