Re: Inside english

Do you have any of your own opinions?

charlesmartin1v@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> One more comment on inside English. Bob Meucci came up with this
> insane concept that no pro can hit the center of the cue ball and
> therefore the only way to make a long straight in shot was using a
> little inside English so you could hit the spot on the cue ball you
> were aiming at. He convinced Rempe and the rest of his stable at that
> time which was 10 top pros this was true. Today he is only left with
> Rempe, the other 9 are long gone.
> These guys tell others and monkey see, monkey do takes place. Bob
> can't run 3 friggen balls and never plays. He is a run out player only
> in his mind.
> Ray Martin 3 times world champion and Fast Larry TASA world trick shot
> champion and current UPA 9 ball touring pro both agree totally this
> concept is pure bull. They both teach students how to find the exact
> center of the cue ball by using the Hoppe drill found in his 1925 book
> which was so important he listed it as number two. Willie Hoppe as
> well knew how to hit the center of the cue ball. Ralph Greenleaf and
> Willie Mosconi also used this drill. The idea of using English on a
> straight in shot to correct for a stroke problem in it's self is
> ridiculous. Before any lesson, ask the instructor how he teaches this
> shot. It will tell you what he knows and does not know.
> What FL explained to me is most of us think we are hitting the center
> but actually are not. We groove this place and it is then set but its
> the wrong place. In my case I was hitting the cue ball a quarter tip
> right of center every time. I was convinced I was hitting center but
> he proved to me I was not. To break me of this FL had me set up center
> ball, then just drift one quarter left until I killed the bad habit and
> acquired the correct aiming point. This is a perfect example of the
> harm that can come to your game by picking this kind of stuff off of
> the street and listening to top players instead of listening to top
> teachers and coaches.
> Rempe has admitted that when he was Number one in the world and tought
> he knew everything, when he did those instruction tapes he found out he
> knew nothing and did not have a clue. Jim said that was a real shock
> to me. I could do it, but I just never knew how I was doing it and it
> was then not necessary for me to know. So there is your proof.
> Ray Martin is in Tampa and one of the top teachers in the game, go see
> him, he will show you the correct path to this.
> FL is in Atlanta.