Re: ACC Power Ratings Through Sunday, February 3rd

On Mon, 04 Feb, George W Harris wrote:
:> Records (RMS), Immediate and Cumulative
:> Rating1: 2-0 (2.0), 16-11 (12.9)
:> Rating2: 2-0 (1.4), 16-11 (12.2)
:> Rating3: 2-0 (0.7), 16-11 (14.3)
:Out of curiosity, got any easy way to tell how the cumulative compares to
:this same point in the last two seasons?

Last year:

Rating1: 2-1 (0.677), 6.6; 19-8 (0.704), 13.4
Rating2: 2-1 (0.677), 7.4; 19-8 (0.704), 13.6
Rating3: 2-1 (0.667), 8.3; 19-8 (0.704), 15.6

Two years ago:

Rating1: 5-0 (7.9), 17-13 (11.2)
Rating2: 5-0 (8.1), 18-12 (10.7)
Rating3: 5-0 (13.9), 19-11 (16.2)

I got off to a *terrible* start this year (6-10), but went 10-1
over the past week.

Hmm, I thought it was's still not doing badly, though.

:Strange that VT is pretty far ahead in each power rating yet has the game
:predictions this close. I suppose it's because VT has had a bit easier
:schedule so far than NCSU? NCSU has done okay at home, too...

I haven't found any evidence that the homecourt
advantage varies from team to team, and it's fairly
consistent from year to year (about four points). Virginia
Tech is rated above NC State, but by only a little more
than the homecourt advantage, so that's why the game is
predicted to be so close.

Gotcha. I guess I wouldn't have been surprised if one of them hadn't
predicted NCSU to win. But as you say, it is at NCSU...

Home teams are currently 27-16 in conference.
Georgia Tech is 2-1 on the road, and 1-3 at home.
Maryland is 2-1 on the road, and 2-2 at home. Between
them, they've been involved in eight of the sixteen road
wins, including (of course) Maryland beating Georgia
Tech in Atlanta Saturday. Wake, on the other hand, is
winless on the road and perfect at home.



Donnie Barnes 879. V.

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