Re: Trouble With Salomon Pilot 2 Classic Binding

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I've had the same problem, as have many others. **
The silicone spray sounds like a good idea too.
I'd be anxious to hear what Salomon has to say about this.-

Salomon says to check w/ your dealer, they no longer have a direct e-
mail contact from their website.

I also had this problem (I have the Atomic version), during a race
last week and also yesterday skiing the same course. The problem (for
me) is that the strap does not retract, which leave the white plastic
hook hanging out there and it "unhooks" itself from the boot. The
clicking you hear is from your boot stepping on the hook. Mine has
"broken free" and rehooked a few time, but I actually saw what I
desribed yesterday.

Many times yesterday, on curving downhills, I would step out into
softer, deep snow to step/carve my turns - excellent conditions to
pack snow between my boot and binding.

After skiing, I immediately went to my dealer, put the skis on the
bench, backed off the tension and pulled the strap all the way out.
Almost at the end of the strap, a good sized piece of ice came out. I
used a heat gun to dry the binding out and sprayed it w/ a silicone
spray. If you look at a demo binding (which is mounted on a clear
plastic plate) you'll see that there is a coil spring which actually
provided the tension for the strap. Icing in the spring maybe the
issue, but a teammate who has seen the same thing said she's lubed
that also with no success.

- Bob
Sorry you are having problems with the bindings.

1) Salomon Pilot classic bindings benefits from lubrication much as a
chain does. We suggest you spray the hook and the internals (pull the
out and spray into binding) with silicon spray. Do this every 500 km.
2) We have a new insert called the Pilot Classic Protector that is a
part available to our retailers goes under the rear portion of the
that incases the spring. It takes about 2 minutes to install. If your
does not have them they can order them from Salomon customer service.
3) Make sure the boots and bindings are as clean as possible before
start skiing. If they start clean the stay very snow free. If they
with snow then snow builds up.

If you have further question please call or email.

Andrew Gerlach
Salomon Nordic
Factory Team


Andrew Gerlach