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Actually, I want to put in a good word for the dentists and optometrists of Los
Algodones, just across the border from Yuma. Excellent prices, and if you need
extensive work you can sit in the chair as long as you can stand it. Dr. Jose
and his fellow-doctors speak excellent English, as do many of the techs, and
the receptionist speaks English like a native. The equipment is the same
high-tech stuff we have here, as is the anaesthesia.

The entire town lives on foreigners with no dental insurance and thrives on
word-of-mouth and return business. Many cross the country on planes, but we
just drive 245 miles and stay in a motel in Yuma for a week. I needed a huge
number of crowns, friends needed root canals and crowns and implants, and
everybody needed an ordinary filling or two. We saved at least $15K, so the
motel (we found a cheap one, summer is the off season) and gas were a
negligible cost. Park right next to the border and walk a few hundred yards to
the dentist's office. Only crazy people go in summer, so there are no crowds.

Tijuana is the place to go for plastic surgery, but they also offer discount
dentistry. Parking/border-crossing is nowhere near as easy as at Algodones.

Yeah, Yuma in summer sucks. OTOH, people pay good money to sit in a sauna.
This trip will just be a one-day affair. Implants and crowns for the others.
I just need my crowns polished.

When does winter start?

I just found out that a few weeks ago that I need two implants... or
at least that what my dentist suggested vs. getting a partial plate.
Seems I took one too many hockey sticks in the face. Unfortunately it
apears that the price of an implant here in British Columbia is
between CDN $3,000 - $5,000 each.

$1200 each is what our people paid. My SIL and her husband went to Connie Ayala, but she seems to take summers off. Otherwise we would have gone to her.

We went to Jose Valenzuela. (Full service, not just implants)
We just browsed among the websites and chose someone who seemed smart enough to have a good website and answered email promptly and reasonably.

When you go there and walk down the main street, it's like Tijuana except that instead of exotic entertainment they're touting dentists.

You can get the silver jewelry considerably cheaper shopping on the internet, which is probably where they got it. Still, it's nice looking and reasonably priced. There's a pet shop/vet supply place -- Frontline was about half price. The guy I talked to didn't speak a lot of English, but that generally was not a problem.

Everybody, or at least those who chipped in for the website:

An especially good thing: If the need for a specialist suddenly arises, an endodontist, say, in case the root canal is nastier than suspected, you don't have to go home, make an appointment with the new guy, get the work done, come back to the original dentist, etc. They make a phone call and the guy shows up in a few minutes.

Any idea on how that compares with Mexico? Do you have a name of a
dentist that you trust down there? Maybe I can save money and get a
free swine-flu vacation.

Husband and friend just went down a few weeks ago. No masks.

google for algodones dentists. My personal feeling is that incompetents wouldn't last long -- the place survives on word of mouth. I couldn't find anybody unhappy with the experience, and people are generally quite free with negative opinions. I know I am!

Cheers, Bev
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