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I was talking to my instructor about the benefits of Nitrox and was thinking about getting Nitrox certified just for the hell of it.

I can take a class from my instructor through Technical Diving International. All book and classroom -- cost is around $250. I can also take an Internet course from Scuba Divers of America, all on the Net, for around $60. Each will give me a certification card. Both claim that their cards are honored anywhere in the world.

While I trust my instructor I don't know anything about Scuba Divers of America. Since this is all based on theory, which I "pretty much" understand at this point, what do you guys think of an SDA certification? Or for that matter, TDI. My OW cert is PADI, but I also took a NAUI pool course.



Hi Sheldon, I see you're doing good research as I had not realized you can get Nitrox-certified online. I signed up as well as it's hard to mesh with courses offered by dive shops. This does not require any new water skills so an online course makes perfect sense.


Hmm, how exactly do you 'personally analyse the contents of a tank of Nitrox' on an online course?
Do they email you an analyser and watch you on your webcam so you are using it correcty?

If you need personal instruction in using an analyzer, you shouldn't be doing something as complicated as diving.