Re: Sherwood "The Source" dive computer

"Dennis Crabtree" <usenets@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"Dennis Crabtree" <dennis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Can someone explain how to change batteries for a "The Source" dive
computer from Sherwood, or direct me to a site that does?

Found an answer.

Early models of "The Source" MUST be serviced by an authorized service
center. Later models were designed to be more user-friendly - they have a
battery compartment with a cover that can be removed using a coin.

I replaced the battery in my "Wisdom" using the coin method. I unfortunately
over tightened it so that the next I tried to open it, the plastic slot was
destroyed. I had to send it into Sherwood. It cost me 240 bucks. The display
had corrupted the second time. I thought a new battery would do the trick.

Money well spent for the security it provides

There are two lithium ion batteries and an o-ring that need attention,
when the compartment is opened. The o-ring should be replaced, and the
new one should be coated with silicone to provide a good seal.

Do not over tighten the battery cover!