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Hi All,

I'm kind of wondering if there is some physiological effect from running
long runs that causes depression. [...]
Has anyone else experienced something like depression during
training especially after long runs?

I was walking over to the mall to get a couple energy gels when my train of
thought brought me back to this post. Perhaps this is totally irrelevant, but
then again perhaps not.

I was thinking how tomorrow might bring my first DNF in a marathon. Well, no,
the first in a *road* marathon. I DNF'ed on an off-road (the Volacano) marathon
in 1986.

It was a puzzle. I had gotten a bit tired of the climbing up and down over dried
lava flows before getting through the lava fields (15 miles? I can't find any
data) and some kid had passed me. But then there were a few miles on paved fire
road, and I got a second wind and soon caught up to the kid. Chatted for a while
and then I decided he was going too slow and left him behind.

Well, within a mile or two I suddenly lost any intrest in running. The kid
passed me. Lots of folk I had passed way back at the beginning of the lava field
started to pass me. I'd try to run a bit and fall back to walking. Finally I
came to an aid station, and waited with a few people who had fallen in the lava
and bloodied themselves up for the bus back to Volcano House.

By the time the bus came and got us back, I was all set to run again, but I had
to wait a year (I finished in 1987, but because of severe cramps toward the end
it took over four hours; that's when I started distinguishing road from off-road

I have never understood that weird change of mood all of a sudden; I just quit
*caring*. Now I wonder if it could be related to your depression.

Wasn't sure where to reply to the replies to my post, so I picked the
last one. I appreciate everyones responses. I think I figured it what
had me feeling a little blue. I was tired. I could do all the miles,
even my 20 miler, but I think I just wasn't getting enough sleep. I got
some good rest this weekend even with doing 8 on Saturday and 12 on
Sunday. I'm feeling good. This now is my last hard week before my taper.
I cap it off with my second 20 mile run. I'm looking forward to the hard
work being mostly over and getting psyched for the marathon.

Sounds like a very reasonable conclusion. While most will interject
over-training, me included, when a more reasonable view is under-
rested. This may sound like mincing words bu it isn't. Rest should be
a focus item each interval(week) rather than just an action to take
when things seem to be going south. In your case lack of enough sleep
seemed to be the culprit. In your case you seem to have sufficient
rest days included but alas how many hours sleep a night to allow
recovery doesn't show up in schedules but of major importance. I say
good catch maybe others can learn.


from the male perspective, allergic to beer is almost a disturbing and
being allergic to women. ;)

A wife working full time and working on a Masters degree full time. A 15 year old Son and a 5 year old Step-Son. Me working full time and training for a marathon. When is there time to sleep? LOL! I try my hardest to get to bed early but then the little things like the 5 year old knocking on the door with a bloody nose at 4:00AM this morning and then not being able to hit the deep sleep again with a wakeup for the run at 5:30. Ugh.

I hear you on the allergy thing, but see my allergy is when I drink beer, I drink too much and then do stupid things. Simple solution = don't drink beer :)

I want to run like a Rarámuri!