Re: Making 26.2 Work for All of Us

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Honestly it's not the slow pokes that bother me, it's the slow pokes who
don't respect the distance and don't take it seriously, those are the ones
that really spoil it.

What do you mean by "take it seriously?"

You spent time preparing.

You are NOT taking it seriously no matter what your finishing time if:
you signed up "on a whim", with no planning or training, as your first
you signed up because your buddy is doing it and you can't let him be
better than you in anything.
you signed up because you just saw a replay of "Rocky" or "Chariots of
you signed up because you are a weight lifter, so you should be able
to beat most of those skinny a**ed runners.

If you talk to folks before the race, you could find a few of these
types of folks out. There aren't many, but they are there. You cannot
tell just by their finish time.