Re: Got a new old radio yesterday... Sony TR-1300 5 Band Radio

On Mar 2, 12:58 pm, "Brenda Ann" <bren...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A Sony TR-1300.  This is a SUPER radio, for an AM only radio.. (the
modulation scheme, not the band). Sensitivity and selectivity par
excellance, and the noise floor on the upper bands is so low that you can
scarce tell the radio is on until you tune in a station. At first, I thought
it was deaf on the upper two bands, but comparing it to my Grundig 600 and
Eton E1, it's most definately not.  And really nice audio, too.  Considering
a total outlay of about $80, including shipping from Canada, I've extremely
happy with this one.

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Sony TR-1300 5 Band Radio

Sony TR-1300 5 Band Radio - Service Manual {Download};forward=plist