WWCR "Scriptures For America World Wide" on 9980 kHz @ 17:00 UTC

WWCR "Scriptures For America World Wide" with Pastor
Pete Peters [P3] on 9980 kHz @ 17:00 UTC

P3 was doing his usually Talking and Preaching.

About - Pastor Peter Peters [P3]

"Scriptures For America World Wide" [SFAWW] Broadcast
Network via the WWCR on the Shortwave Radio
Frequency @ UTC Time
5,890 kHz @ 05:00 - 11:00 UTC = 6 Hours of On-Air-Time
9,980 kHz @ 11:00 - 02:00 UTC = 3 Hours of On-Air-Time
5,890 kHz @ 02:00 - 05:00 UTC = 15 Hours of On-Air-Time
5,070 kHz @ 01:00 - 02:00 UTC = 1 Hour of On-Air-Time
That's over 24/7 for SFAWW !

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WWCR Location : Nashville, Tennessee, USA

WWCR Shortwave Radio Program Guide : Frequency and Time

"B08" Program Guide for WWCR-Shortwave Radio Monday ~ Friday
Winter 2008/2009 as of : 6 October 2008

yes i heard it on the ray-di-oh ~ RHF
Twain Harte, CA -USA-
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