Re: (OT) : Black Voters Can't Put Barack Hussein Obama II in the White House

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- SO, Obama Looks  funny

- And He Has a Funny name

- And He doesn't look like the old drunks down at the Bar

- So , everyone votes for John McCain..

What does  that mean for the next four years for The United States of


Black Voters Can't Put Obama in the White House

TBL : The Votes of White Blue-Collar Working Americans
Is What Gets US Presidential Candidates Elected.

-ps- these were the same voters that 'bho' made fun of
and put down for clinging to guns and religion ~ RHF

You are deluded.  Race is not the primary issue with most Americans,
and it's a state-by-state contest, and Barack Obama has many of the
largest states pretty well nailed down.

The best data suggests that Barack Obama is ahead in electorial votes
by a substantial margin.  Some projections have him at over 300
electoral votes. :)

American voters are pissed as much as they were in 1980.  Except this
time, the government has gone so crazy-nutball far-right instead of
crazy-nutball far left, and the backlash sitting out there is immense
and growing month by month.  The turnout of those anti-Republican
voters will surprise the pollsters  with their "likely voter"
projections left in ruins, just as the 2006 turnout was unexpectedly
favorable to the Democratic party, costing even relatively popular
Republicans their seats.

It's the beginning of a very long time in the Wilderness for
Republicans.  A very, very long time.

So cling to your biased nut news sources.  I'll stick with science.

The Working Guys know;


That Rush Speaks the Truth

- So, they line up, cash their unemployment checks,

Bang down a few cold ones, hop in the truck and , fortified by fears

- Well, WHo Knows WHAT could happen if
as Rush Says,
that Ultra Liberal Barak Hussein Obama gets into the White House.,,

- They Vote for McCain !

The Churches, Inspired by the thought of a Godless, COmmunist

- One of THOSE People ; in the "White House",
rally their Congregations,

Fill then with Terrors of, well, "You Know".

Pick them up outside of Wal-Mart

Bus them down to the polling booth and THEY all vote for McCain.

and the Dewey eyed college kids,
hearing that Obama will win in a landslide

Part Party Party

and Don't Vote..

He Looks Funny
Has A Funny Name
All Spell Out

Victory For McCain ! !