Sangean ATS-909 Radio's SSB -versus- Sony ICF-SW7600GR Radio's AM-Sync

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  I was going crazy trying to decide which radio to get. All of you
wonderful friends gave me so much to consider. I would find one and
then research and find something that scared me. I was going to get
the upcoming Grundig Satellite 750, but it really would not suit my
desire for a portable to take to parks and stuff.
  I came across the Sangean ATS-909 and found a DEAL on Amazon. Most
of their stock was around $250+. However, one seller has it for $91
NEW! I decided based on research and that deal to go with it. I hope I
am not making a mistake. Also, keep in mind this is my first real SW
radio and if I am truly bitten by the bug, I will end up getting the
Satellite 750 for my home use, down the road.
  Check out this page and while the top says around $250, scroll down
about half way and you will see the $91. It came to about $97 with

  Finally I can return to studying music at college. At night when I
should have been practicing, instead I was reading The Passport to
World Band Radio. I hate to see what happens when the radio arrives!
  Thank all of you so much and I will continue to be present here and
thank you for answering repeat questions that I hope did not appear,
for lack of a better word, stupid.

Best to you always,

IT'S GONE ! - Looks like the $91 Priced Sangean ATS-909
has been Removed from Amazon.Com ~ RHF

Time : 5:30 AM PDT on Date : 30 APR 2008
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FWIW - I always throught that the Sangean ATS-909
with an OnLine Discount Price of $200+ was 'over-priced'
when compared to the Sony ICF-SW7600GR Radio
with an OnLine Discount Price of $150+

The Sangean ATS-909 Radio's SSB is a nice feature
for Listening to the Amateur Radio Operators -but- the
Sony ICF-SW7600GR Radio's AM-Sync is a much better
feature for Listening to International Shortwave Broadcast
Programming. - imho ~ RHF