Re: Digital audio recordings

m II wrote:
Richard wrote:

What are folks using these days to record audio? MiniDisc, DAT or
digital audio?

Any recommendations on digital audio recorders? That's what I'd go for I
think when I begin DXing again. I've no idea what products people are

Insignia NS-DV4GC

The good:

It has 4Gb built in and is expandable through a miniSD slot.

It has a stereo line in record function.

When the USB is plugged in, the device shows up as drive on the computer
screen. Files may dragged and dropped in both directions.

The battery is user replaceable. A lot of portable MP3 players have a
built in battery. When it wears out, you throw the thing away. Sad.

Built in FM radio. Very good reception. It can record Stereo or Mono

Excellent resolution. 320 X 240
It plays AVI videos, Wav files and MP3s

Claimed twenty hour battery life.

The bad: It's discontinued, but can be found on sale at some
Best Buy stores. Be careful, some of the stuff they sell is junk.

This unit is supposedly similar to some Iriver models, but i couldn't
find any of those.

Ipods were a disappointment. Overpriced for the features. They look
good, but that's about it.

Some good reviews here:


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