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Gary, the Sony receiver is model GX700 ES and the antenna is the standard FM
antenna that came with the receiver. It's probably about 10 years old by
now and still sounds good. It picks up about half of the FM stations that
are available in my area - Las Vegas. Here's what I don't understand. There
are 2 stations. 88.9 and 89.7. Both are NPR with HD. The first one is news
and the second one is classical music. I can get the news station fine. But
what I really want is the music station which is nothing but static. Being
in a county with 2 million people one would think that there would be more
than one classical music station but there is only one and all I get from it
is static. A Radio Shack amplified antenna was not help at all.
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I would like to buy a portable shortwave radio with a whip antenna but
been holding back because I live in an area that gets mediocre reception
my Sony reciever's FM tuner from stations 20 miles away; so I'm really
paranoid about buying a portable shortwave radio. My homeowners
doesn't permit outside antennas. Here are several questions:

1. Can someone recommend a portable shortwave radio for under $200US that
works well.?
2. Can I attach an indoor antenna to improve reception? What brand of
3. I've tried several indoor antennas from Radio Shack to improve my FM
reception and none did anything. Can someone recommend a really powerful
indoor antenna?

Thanks in advance.

You didn't tell us what model Sony receiver you are using, and what
type of antenna it has. That can make a big difference in what I
would recommend. Without knowing what you already have, you might
consider the CCRadio-SW, or the equivalent under another brand name.
I have it and have found the FM sensitivity to be outstanding. It
actually gets outstanding reception of stations that come in poorly on
the CCRadio and other radios I have. It is also excellent on MW and
SW. If an analog tuner is okay with you, I don't believe you will be
able to top the CCRadio-SW.