Re: A Beginners Question

Frank103 wrote:

I would like to buy a portable shortwave radio with a whip antenna but
I've been holding back because I live in an area that gets mediocre
reception on my Sony reciever's FM tuner from stations 20 miles away; so
I'm really paranoid about buying a portable shortwave radio. My homeowners
association doesn't permit outside antennas. Here are several questions:

1. Can someone recommend a portable shortwave radio for under $200US that
works well.?

Sony 7600GR. Try,

2. Can I attach an indoor antenna to improve reception? What brand of

Yes, for shortwave a 10-20 foot piece of wire can be used. You do not need
to spend a lot of money to get started. If noise is an issue, google
for 'shielded loop antenna'. You can also buy more expensive antennas. Try,

3. I've tried several indoor antennas from Radio Shack to improve my FM
reception and none did anything. Can someone recommend a really powerful
FM indoor antenna?

I doubt anyone really can recommend one that works. However, if the stations
of interest are all in the same direction, you could consider mounting a 5
element yagi antenna for FM in your attic. (If your roof is metal this
probably won't work.) Google for 'fm yagi antenna'.

Thanks in advance.


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