Re: Mexico says "Hang on a minute" to IBOC

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I'm sure XHLNC itself is not thrilled at having their
coverage area cut back by an out of area station on the same freq.

KPFK was there first, has been for many years.
XLNC was created by a bunch of right wingers over in Coronado.

XHLNC (XLNC is not the call letter assignment) was licensed to Victor Diaz
Romo, who had a life long love of classical and wanted to offer the format
to SD and Tijuana. Diaz Romo (RIP) was the son of the founder of Radios
Comerciales, SA of Guadalajara, and his family goes back about 70 years in
radio in Mexico. At one point, they owned about 40 stations.

- The Diaz family was associated with
- the liberal PRI party, by the way.

DE - HAaaaaaaaaaa ! "the liberal PRI party"
who's payroll are you on now . . . ~ RHF
.. .