Re: -FYI- Vintage American Electrola AM/FM/ Shortwave Radio. Model# DXC-100

Frank Dresser wrote:
"American Insurgent" <pezar2007@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


As for the Electrola, it seemed to exist to satisfy the America First
rantings of Harder and other kook domestic SW hosts who wanted an
American made radio to sell on air. It sounds like it was a good idea,
but a bunch of good ole boys didn't have the resources to build a real
radio factory.


I'm sure Chuck and some others were selling Sangeans in the early 90s. I'm
pretty sure Chuck was also selling a version of one of the Drakes at one

Of course, the Sangeans weren't made in the US and the Drakes weren't cheap
but in either case the buyers got something for their money.

I once got my hands on a "People's Radio" the rebadged Drake SW-1. No, it wasn't cheap. It wasn't pretty. And it wasn't exactly feature laden, but for program listening, it was a solid radio.

SW-2 was a better buy, albeit more expensive.

I'm not so sure about the American Electrola.

Frank Dresser


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