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Anyone have a website address for the R.F. Systems that makes SW
antennas sold by Universal Radio

Yes, its: htttp://www.rf-systems.nl

Steve, thanks for the good word on the MTA, I've been waiting to save
enough to buy one, and I'll be ordering it in a week or so.

I once had their old version T2FD for a few years. A complete lack of
noise makes shortwave radio listening and dxing a wonderful experience.

The old one was rated for use from 5-30 MHz, but I was listening (not
just detecting) low powered Africans into the 90 meter band. The new
version is rated down to 3 MHz but I don't have the space to put one up
anymore or I'd be able to tell you the difference.

Do us a favor and post a detailed review of this antenna after you've
used it for a while, describing where you have it mounted and how it's

It is a balanced antenna so no ground needed.

Ventura, California

Hmmm. I didn't realize that, but I guess it's true of many, if not all,
RF-Systems antennas. Do you know how the balance is achieved? I know
there's a helically wound antenna element on the inside...I figured it
was just fed at one end.


- It's worth noting that RF Systems has a much better website
- than they had the last time I looked:
- http://www.rf-systems.nl

For One and All,

RF Systems Direct now appears to be their OnLine Store.
RF SYSTEMS DIRECT => http://tinyurl.com/sx7gx

MTA Antenna -by- RF Systems
MT Antenna -or- Magnetic Transfer Antenna (MTA)
The RF Systems "MTA" is a non-amplified Vertical
Receiving {Only} Antenna Covering 500 kHz to 30 MHz.
- - - The Earthed Antenna Element together with the
Magnetic Transfer (MT) Technology ensures a lower
background noise level, and most communications
receivers offer enough sensitivity to compensate.

MTA Antenna -by- RF Systems
- - - The MT Antenna employs a Helical Form that ensures
that the Antenna has an Omni-Directional receive pattern.

IIRC - The MTA Antenna like the DX-One Professional MK 2
and the DX-10 Antenna from RF Systems is designed with
a Metal Sleave at the bottom to be mounted directly to a
Metal Pipe or Mast and should be Grounded. They work
best when they are Grounded via a Mast.

Check-Out - The WFL Shortwave TX-RX Antenna
"WFL" = Wideband Folded Loop Antenna for both
Transmitting and Receiving between 1.8Mhz and 30Mhz
looks like and interesting Loop Antenna Design for
limited (small) space locations.
- - - The Wideband Folded Loop (WFL) Antenna
is no 'miracle´ antenna' but a Loop Antenna with
a Circumference of 105 Feet, folded in such a way
that creates a compact Rectangular Loop Element
that is only 25 Feet Long by 3 Feet High.
- - - Matching and Phase Compensation Elements,
located in the central tubular part, ensure an
Impedance of 50 Ohms.
- - - The special high power Matching Transformer in
the centre part ensures that there is no conducting
connection between the Antenna and the Transceiver.
Note - For a Receive Only Shortwave Listeners (SWL)
Antenna the Wide-Band Folded Loop (WBFL) Antenna
could be 'cloned' with the same basic Folded Wire Antenna
Element "Pattern" and simply use a 4:1 or 6:1 Matching
Transformer between the Antenna and the Coax Cable.

hey - it right there on the internet - iane ~ RHF
hope this helps - iane ~ RHF
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