re: Uniden BearCat BC 142XL Operating Instructions Manual

Its so easy to use you really don't need a manual for the Uniden BC
142XL scanner.

Turn it on. Push the "MANUAL" button to stop it from scanning.

Push number 1, then push "MANUAL" again. This should leave you on
channel one.

Using the keypad enter the frequency you want to monitor, then push
"E." Press "REVIEW" at anytime to see what frequency is programmed
there. If the review button flashes 000.0000 on the LED readout
display, you might be entering an invalid frequency. Refer to the list
of acceptable frequencies in the Frequency Range Bands below.

Push "MANUAL" to step to channel number two. Enter the frequency. Push
"E." Push "MANUAL" to step to channel three. Repeat this process until
all the (10) channels are full, or you've run out of frequencies to

Push "SCAN" to start automatically scanning the frequencies. The
radio will stop when it hears someone talking, and resume scanning two
seconds after the conversation has stopped.

Frequency Range Bands:

20 to 29.7 MHz (10 Meter "Ham" Band)
29.7 to 50 MHz (VHF Low Band)
50 to 54 MHz (6 Meter Amateur Band)
136 to 144 MHz (Military Land Mobile)
144 to 148 MHz (2 Meter "Ham" Band)
406 to 420 MHz (Federal Government Land Mobile)
420 to 450 MHz (70cm "Ham" Band)
450 to 470 MHz (UHF Standard Band)
470 to 512 MHz (UHF "T" Band)


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