FS Kenwood RZ-1

Kenwood RZ-1.
Wide Band Receiver. Traditional "DIN" style unit may be easily installed in
the dash of your car providing inconspicuous operation. People will never
know you have monitoring and eavesdropping capabilities. Unit has been used
indoors for scanning bands and is mounted on rubber feet which may be
removed. Receiver is in excellant condition with owners manual.

The Kenwood RZ-1 tunes from 500 kHz to 905 MHz. Modes of reception are AM,
FM and FM-W with tuning steps at 5, 12.5, 20 and 25 kHz. This incredibly
wide frequency coverage includes almost everything. Enjoy AM broadcast band
and complete shortwave coverage as well as VHF and UHF public service bands.
It can even pick up TV broadcast audio, cell phones, baby monitors, cordless
phones, etc. One hundred memories are available with 7 character
alpha-tagging to label the stations you have stored. The numeric keys let
you recall memories or directly enter the desired frequency. VFO and memory
scanning are both supported. There is even a NTSC video output jack for TV
video reception with an external monitor (not supplied). Other output jacks
include: Left and Right Line Output and external speaker.

$250 shipped conus