Concerning N9OGL

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where is he on the record RRAP is NOT under oath for example neither
is QRZ

Go back and reread the original post.

It said that several people had warned
Todd that he was at risk of an enforcement action, and that Todd had
denied he
was at risk.
I still don't see much risk of anythign happening to todd

In fact, Todd was denying that the basic laws of electromagnetic
radiation applied to Omega One.

never saw him say anything of the kind

And now we know the rest of the story. Todd is in possession of two love
letters from the FCC, and my warning has come to pass

and the letter are going where

either RH has a metter reading over the line or not

since no NAL has been issued my guess is RH has not got the goods

a little care and Todd walks away wining thw encounter which he

Toodd can say anything he wants about power levele are you claiming if
I state I am uysing 4 kw on the ham bands right now I am going to lose
my license. if you are you are nuts

This isn't about you, Mark. We know you need, nay....DEMAND the attention,
but this is about Todd, not you.
I see that you are still lying about the loss of your first blog to Dloyd
when you say,
"this blog was first mine then I lost control of it during the conversation
to the new blooger it was finaly taken back by me"

It was NOT taken back by you, unless you consider your whining and begging
and Dloyd's ultimate generosity in giving it back to you as "taking" it
In a loose sense, you did "take" it back, but only after it was relinquished
to you out of sheer pity.
I'm sure that Dloyd now regrets having felt sorry for you.