Re: Laying Waste to Frank Of Silliland's Silliness

Frank Gilliland wrote:
On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 04:02:23 GMT, Dave Heil <k8mn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
AMATEUR radio operator and defender of liars and identity thieves,
wrote in <jBRPe.2612$z2.316@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


Steve acts as if status as a lower-ranking Marine is something to be

Do you think being repeatedly busted to a lower rank is something to be proud of?

Like Billy Mitchell?

No, like Frank "Not-a-model-Marine" Gilliland.

Well, I'll tell ya, Dave -- I have absolutely no regrets about anything I did in the Marines, not even the actions that resulted in my loss of rank.

Okay. Maybe you're a slow learner or perhaps you just have no sense of remorse. You told us that you weren't a model Marine.

But there's one big difference between me and Dudly
that you can't seem to comprehend: I'm telling the truth. And that's
something I am most definitely proud to admit.

So, the truth is, according to you, that Steve isn't a Marine or that he's lying. That's an assumption made by you and you've offered no proof, just accusations.

Now what I don't understand is why you are so passionate about Dudly
when this discussion has absolutely nothing to do with you. Is he your
butt-buddy? Or are you afraid that you are next in line to be exposed
as a military imposter? Why is his business -your- business, Dave?

I challenge you to expose me as a "military imposter", Frank. Make it your life's work. As far as your last comment: read up on how usenet works. After all, how did Steve's business become *your business*?

Dave K8MN