Re: GU-81M linear

MAc wrote:
May be google translator will help you.
This PA can work also with one tube.

This is "hard to kill" tube ;-) - very good to use in club station (idiot proof).

search other articles by EX8A.


Many thanks, that gives me enough info to get me started. I plan on using it for RTTY contests, I have an amp using the 4cx800 but the blower gets to me after a few hours. With the price of 3-500Z in my main amp getting silly this looks like the ideal cheap tube to use with the PSU from the 4cx800 (2800V), just bought two of them on ebay for $60 the pair + one socket. I probably wont need the spare as he's had 12 years of contesting out of a pair.

Steve H

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