Re: WANTED: Vintage Tektronix Equipement

Gregg wrote:
> Behold, clf scribed on tube chassis:
> > I've got a Power Transformer out of an old Tek Scope - 545 I think or
> > maybe an earlier model.
> Hey, I actually have specs for that one! :-)

I have a Tektronix CRT and Shield:

The CRT part# is 154-0531-00
The shield part# is 337-1021-01
and the power transformer:
The transformer part# is 120-0575-00.

I believe they are from a 561 rack mount scope I scrapped for the
high voltage supply to fix a portable scope. I also have the power
transformer from the same scope.

Link to my "Computers for disabled Veterans" project website deleted
after threats were telephoned to my church.

Michael A. Terrell
Central Florida

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