Re: WANTED: Vintage Tektronix Equipement

Gregg wrote:
> Behold, clf scribed on tube chassis:
> > I've got a Power Transformer out of an old Tek Scope - 545 I think or
> > maybe an earlier model.
> Hey, I actually have specs for that one! :-)

I have a Tektronix CRT and Shield:

The CRT part# is 154-0531-00
The shield part# is 337-1021-01
and the power transformer:
The transformer part# is 120-0575-00.

I believe they are from a 561 rack mount scope I scrapped for the
high voltage supply to fix a portable scope. I also have the power
transformer from the same scope.

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after threats were telephoned to my church.

Michael A. Terrell
Central Florida