Re: Description of W9INN 40/80 dipole


Dick, AA5VU wrote:

was full size 40 meter dipole with what I remember he called a
resister (that was really a coil)

The word was "resonactor". I have one of his antennas and it works

I have not examined the resonactor in detail, but I believe it is just
an inductor which is carefully wound to be self-resonant at the desired
frequency, thereby eliminating the need for a separate capacitor to
resonate it. A clever idea, since eliminating the separate capacitor
easily allows full legal power without the expense of a very high
voltage capacitor.

W9INN's trap dipoles are the only ones I know of which advertise full
legal power handling, and that's why I purchased one. I've been running
full power RTTY on mine for five years with no problems.

Since I purchased mine there may have been other full power trap
dipoles come on the market. If anyone knows of one, please reply. I'm
always curious about such things.

Bill, W6WRT