'modified' skyloop antenna

Due to a small and irregularly shaped lot, I am using Cliff Donley's Hot
Kiss [(see message 2471 Yahoo RX-320 group) (a 33 foot folded dipole w/7
foot matching stub, all made of 300 ohm twinlead, fed with 75 ohm coax
through a standard tv balun)] antenna.

The antenna performs well for HF (receive only). As I also like to listen
to MW and LW broadcasts, I used a long wire (directly connected), passed out
of a window (I'm on the second floor), and run around the house perimeter at
ground level. The total length about 200 feet. The antenna works but is
rather noisy.

I considered installing a skyloop in my attic, but the total length would
only be about 120 feet.

I am asking the resident experts to comment on this idea:
The plan is to run a loop made from 4-conductor telephone station wire
around the attic floor, connecting each end-of wire to a wire of a different
color, therefore amounting to one long wire (about 480 feet) encircling my
attic in four turns. A higher number of conductors could be used if
practical. Also, a matching transformer and coax are options.

As mentioned, this would be for 'receive only'. Would a tuner be necessary?
What would be an optimal length for the loop?

O.K., let me have it. Thanks for any suggestions.