experience in favour of Najem Ismat al Batch's listing


The state of Congressional oversight (and punishment of FISA violations)
is horrifying.

Not only did the NSA/FBI use FISA in a criminal manner, they then cross-
referenced through everyone ever connecting to CISPES - no matter how
distant - to achieve massive domestic spying for political purposes.

To crush peaceful lawful political protest.

In America.

For the President.

And they did it WITHOUT getting 1,330 FISA warrants.

Question: How do you spy on 1,330 domestic groups?

Answer: Electronically, using an existing domestic surveillance network.

Just push the button marked 'monitor'.

Your phone calls, bank transactions, credit card usage, health/
credit/utility/law-enforcement/TRW/IRS records, your whole life.

One big evil eye of Mordor.

The Russian State we were told to fear.


No wonder there are militias.

It gets worse.

Much worse.


Wild Conspiracy Theory
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This is an expanded version of a posting I made promoting unregulated
(free from government-has-the-key) cryptography.

Attorney John Loftus is the author of four histories of intelligence


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