Vintage Red Devil Fireworks

I'm Looking to fill gaps in a Red Devil Fireworks collection, from the
Red Devil Brochures, assortment boxes, other packaging, and the
fireworks themselves are all of interest to me. A few specific items
of interest include... Original Red Lantern brand Ground Bloom Flowers
c. early 1970s, Appolo brand Mystery Cone c.1970s, Rozzi's brand
Coliope Vesuvius Cone c.1960s-70s, Flitter or Starfire Cones c.
1960s-70s, free-standing Smoky Joe w/cigar. All of these items were
sold by Red Devil. Remember that although Red Devil sold many items
with its own brand printed on them, the majority of items sold by Red
Devil had other brand logos on them... brands such as Clipper in the
1940s and 50s, Keystone, Rozzi's and United in the 1950s and 60s, and
Appolo, Red Lantern and President in the 1970s and 80s. TNT took over
the Red Devil brand in the 1990s.
If you know anyone who has Red Devil Fireworks memorabilia please ask
them to respond to this post.