Re: suggestions on upgrading to a new pc

J. Clarke wrote:
uncle ted wrote:
Problem is not with the machine - problem is with the OS. You keep
mucking with MS it's going to keep running slower from the day you
install. Suggest you try Linux instead - the performance will
probably be batter than you've seen with MS and it won't
deteriorate.- Hide quoted text -

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forgive my ignorance but is it possible to order a pc with all the
specs ,ram ,hd etc but no operating system then install linux ?
would it run cs4, lightroom etc ?

It's possible but odds are that it will be cheaper to just get a Windows box and blow away the Windows.

If your objective is to run Adobe applications then running Linux and trying to make them work under it is pointless--if it can be done at all you're going to be spending more time mucking about making things that aren't intended to work together function than you going to spend using the system.

Before you buy a new machine, two things to do:

1: Go to start/run/msconfig and look at what your system is starting up and what it is running for services--google each to find out what they do and disable any that you don't need.

2: Right click on the task bar, select "task manager", "performance", and then compare the physical memory with the memory used. If you've got more memory being used than the physical memory installed then add RAM as required.

3. Run the windows defrag software (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter). Click the "Degragment" button for each volume (Drive letter).


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