Re: Advent Card Reader: No Win 98 Driver

On Sat, 9 Aug 2008 13:43:01 -0400, Jim Nason <jennothome@xxxxxxxxx>

On 2008-08-03 11:32:15 -0400, MIG <googlespam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

I got an Advent ADE-RDR01 all in one card reader, which is supposed to
work with Windows 98 according to the box.

There is no driver for Windows 98 and it doesn't seem to be possible
to find one anywhere.

The sale of these things seems to be a scam to get people to call a
£1.50 a minute phone line when they find that there is no driver for
the thing, and probably no help from there if you did.

Or am I missing something?
Windows 98 never natively supported USB 2.0. However, many
manufactures made USB 2.0 drivers to interface with their USB 2.0
expansion cards. The drivers are specific to the USB exapnsion card.
I suppose you get lucky and the WinME or 2000 Universal Drivers might
work, but that would take some luck. Apparently some who have replied
got lucky, So, you will need to hunt down the drivers for you
specific USB 2.0 expansion card. If you have plugged the devices into
a USB 1.x port, it won't work no matter what the driver unless the
device supports both UBS 1.x and USB 2.x . If the USB 2.0 port is
built into your computer (read: motherboard) then you will need to back
to the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard.

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Now, this is another interesting slant I'd not thought of. I upgraded
my old computer about 10 months ago, with new motherboard, CPU, and
all. And I'm still using the same hard drives, with my multiple boot
systems - which includes Win 98 S.E. and Win2000. I have a mixture of
USB devices, like my nearly 4 year old Canon inkjet printer (which I
believe is USB 1.1) and my HP ScanJet 4400 (which is also USB 1.1).
These all work fine under either operating system. But I have several
other USB devices which will ONLY work under Win2000. Among these are
two USB External hard drives. So - if the fault is in the
motherboard, why does it work in Win2000 but not in Win 98 S.E.? Not
a serious issue, but really puzzling.


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