Re: Advent Card Reader: No Win 98 Driver

On 7 Aug, 06:55, "Paul Bartram" <p.bartram AT OR NEAR>
"Mr. Strat" <r...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote might want to upgrade to an operating system that's newer than
10 years old.

Even though I was sent (by an overseas friend) an unwanted copy of XP, I
resisted changing from W98SE for ages, mainly because I had old peripherals
(like a TV capture card and a Nikon LS1000 slide scanner) which do not have
drivers that are XP certified, or work at all. I finally 'bit the bullet'
last year, installed the OS and tweaked everything to match the colours,
fonts and layouts I was familiar with, and defaulted everything to 'Windows
Classic'. It looks pretty similar, but the thing that surprised me was there
were 'work-arounds' for all my defunct pieces. The LS1000 for example works
better under Vuescan than it did under the 'correct' Nikon interface. The
same with the Lifeview capture card, I used drivers from a much newer model,
undocumented by the makers.

The great thing about XP though is that it includes a hell of a lot of
generic drivers that allow you to 'plug n play' stuff that you had to
download to use under W98SE. SP2 even enables USB2 for you, and has a basic
firewall (something I did without for ages!)

OK, it's not perfect, and I'm not going near Vista until they can get their
electronic ducks in a row, but neither would I go back to 98...


On a new PC I'd only use XP (Pro) for the foreseeable, but my poor
little Pentium III won't handle it.